This is your brain. This is your brain on online dating sites.

I’ve had a frown line on my forehead ever since high school chemistry class. Even after discovering truancy and my friend, Betty Gormley’s talent at writing fake absentee notes from my “parents”, that frown line never dissipated. However, since becoming on online dating profile writer, I swear it’s deepened considerably.

Now that I scan online dating sites all the time, I no longer wonder about the chemistry of atoms. Instead, I wonder about the brain chemistry of singles dating online. That is, does it change dramatically when they start filling out their profiles? What else could explain such gems as:

Real hair and looking for a happy woman.

I don’t do drugs and want to meet someone.

I’m not high maintenance and only wear makeup for something special.

As I read these again, I realized that I not only frown when I come across them, I scratch my head. In one year’s time, I bet I’ll have a deep gouge in my skull. On that note, when I read phrases like these on dating profiles, I’d love see a CT scan of the brain to see what lights up or, more accurately, what doesn’t.

Really, are people thinking when they write their online dating profiles?

When you post what is, ostensibly, an ad, you need to put thought into it. You need to consider your words and how they’ll be interpreted. Believe me, as an ad writer, I’ve learned from my mistakes. I once wrote an ad for peanut butter that said that even kids with allergies would like it. I know, I know. So dumb. Let’s not dwell, shall we? Somehow, at the time, it made sense in the same way that someone at All-Bran thought it made sense to use William Shatner as their spokesperson.

Needless to say, when you write your own online dating profile consider who you’re speaking to – that is, your ideal match. Also consider the environment, your words and all their various meanings. Or, spare yourself any trouble or misunderstandings and have your online dating profile written by a professional online dating profile writer, specifically one trained in marketing…okay, more specifically – me.

For more online dating advice, feel free to read through the previous blogs, or to contact me directly. For tips on how to write a great online dating profile, check out my online dating profile samples. Or, go straight to the free personality quiz and have your online dating profile professionally written by me!

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