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Does your online dating profile open with a…yawn?

“Just checking out this online dating thing to see if I could meet a man who is cool and decent and see where fate may take us.”  That was the first sentence on an online dating profile that I found on POF today. It brings up two important points: 1. Avoid being redundant If you’ve posted an online dating profile on an online dating site then you don’t need to say that you’re checking out this online dating thing. It’s redundant… read more

Confessions of online dating profiles.

A few years ago, when I still believed that Facebook statuses were innocent and pure, I accepted friend request from an acquaintance with an inner Tila Tequila. My news feeds thereafter were never the same. Her statuses blared with such gems as: “After a session like that, I wish I smoked. Wink, wink. Oh wait a minute. I was smoking.”   I don’t know what traumatized me more, the puns or the visuals of her having hot sex. Like some… read more

Here it is, the most popular online dating profile ever!

Bet you didn’t know that “Happy Birthday to you” has a copyright value of $5 million US. Given that statistic, I have to figure there’s a really rich, really happy eccentric out there who’s collecting millions from the following profile. It’s high in popularity but low in distinctiveness:   Looking for my soulmate, are you out there? (That headline alone must be worth millions in royalties and is second only to “life is short”). I luv life (as opposed to… read more

This is your brain. This is your brain on online dating sites.

I’ve had a frown line on my forehead ever since high school chemistry class. Even after discovering truancy and my friend, Betty Gormley’s talent at writing fake absentee notes from my “parents”, that frown line never dissipated. However, since becoming on online dating profile writer, I swear it’s deepened considerably. Now that I scan online dating sites all the time, I no longer wonder about the chemistry of atoms. Instead, I wonder about the brain chemistry of singles dating online.… read more

Best online dating device since the block button? Spell check!

Have you ever tried conversing with someone whose soul patch is slightly off center? That person may be as witty as David Sedaris and as profound as Maya Angelou but it’s the patch, not the titillating conversation, that keeps your attention. Spelling mistakes and typos on your online dating profile are just as distracting. They drive me crazy in the same way that a wee bit of chalk left over on a improperly erased blackboard drives me crazy (grade school… read more

The evidence is in: singles dating online love life.

I’m feeling unusually warm and fuzzy today. I was on and read several dating profiles that said “I love life”, one even said “More importantly, I love life.” The emphasis was inspired. I then visited Plenty of Fish and saw several more dating profiles with the same sentiment. Not to be outdone, one man said “I absolutely love life.” Wow, that’s love for sure. According to the July 2010 edition of Lonely Planet, one of the happiest places on… read more

Live love laugh, and other online dating profiles that make me wish I was illiterate.

I see live, love and laugh on enough dating profiles that I should have written a blog about it sooner. Today I actually saw it in a headline. Instead of giving in to the urge of hunting down whoever coined that preachy bit of inanity, I’ve decided to address it in my blog. Before you write “live, love and laugh”, ask yourself if you’re really prepared to make your dating profile sound like one of those cheesy inspirational greeting cards… read more

Does your online dating profile sound like an instruction manual?

Spare me the online dating profiles that have a list of “musts”. I’m sure you’ve seen them, they’re on every single dating site from PerfectMatch to They go like this: You: Must be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. Must be as comfortable dressed up as you are dressed down. Must have a career but not be married to it. Must be financially secure and independent. Funny how none of these profiles have “You must tolerate my controlling,… read more

Does this dating profile sound familiar?

I’m an independant person lol. I luv life, good food, sunsets and fun lol. Most of all, I luv to laugh lol. I’m looking for someone honest and good-hearted who’s just  as comfortable dressed up as  dressed down lol. No drama, no games, no players lol. If this intrests you, send me a massage lol. Does that profile, spelling mistakes and all, seem familiar? It should. It can be found on countless online dating sites. It seems to be the… read more

Are you a needy text messager?

Okay so you’ve been single awhile. You’ve been online dating site and went on numerous dates with no sparks.  Finally, you meet someone online and you hit it off from the very first date.  You’re so happy!  Eventually, you two get to the “cute and clever text messaging stage”.   Suddenly, your independent cool self turns into the thumb tapping version of Bridget Jones. Your new love sends you a text. The second you receive it, you send one right back.… read more