The evidence is in: singles dating online love life.

I’m feeling unusually warm and fuzzy today. I was on and read several dating profiles that said “I love life”, one even said “More importantly, I love life.” The emphasis was inspired. I then visited Plenty of Fish and saw several more dating profiles with the same sentiment. Not to be outdone, one man said “I absolutely love life.” Wow, that’s love for sure.

According to the July 2010 edition of Lonely Planet, one of the happiest places on earth is Montreal. Yet, it’s clear to me that online dating sites are the happiest places. Ironically, Lonely Planet did not search there.

I don’t think I’ve been around such a “love for life” since watching Bush live it up with a group of African dancers. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here. (Apparently, he doesn’t drink.)

Though I can absolutely appreciate how much single people love life, I think it’s important to point out that few people would fill out profiles with “I hate life” or even “I dislike life” or “life sucks, want to date me?”. So to stress how much you love life seems somehow misplaced.

Imagine if you were having a conversation with someone who was talking about their passions and said, “I love hiking, I love skating, I love skiing and, more importantly, I love life.” Umm…okay…so?

Instead of saying you love life, share what makes you love life. For instance, do autumn leaves, hot chocolate and songbirds add up to a love of life for you? Does the Sunday paper and a breakfast blend cup of java make life worthwhile? Does spending an afternoon having water fights with your nephew make your life so wonderful?

In other words, instead of saying you love life, say why. It’s more interesting and more revealing. More importantly, it gives you an opportunity to go from sounding like everyone else who “loves life” to someone with unique tastes, qualities, experiences and stories to tell.

All good advertisers promote what makes them unique. Maxwell House doesn’t sell just any coffee (which would make it one of many who sell coffee). It sells coffee that’s good to the last drop (the specific makes it unique). So do what successful advertisers do and, instead of making a broad boring statement, make one that says something unique about you.

Yet another good reason why you should hire a professional ad writer (me!) to write your online dating profile. I’ll make sure I find what makes you stand out then I’ll write it in a way that doesn’t make you sound like an overzealous shopping channel host.

To find out what traits make you unique, fill out my free personality quiz, or go to the samples of online dating profiles for more tips.

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