Are you a needy text messager?

Okay so you’ve been single awhile. You’ve been online dating site and went on numerous dates with no sparks.  Finally, you meet someone online and you hit it off from the very first date.  You’re so happy!  Eventually, you two get to the “cute and clever text messaging stage”.   Suddenly, your independent cool self turns into the thumb tapping version of Bridget Jones.

Your new love sends you a text. The second you receive it, you send one right back. You continue to act with urgency every time your receive one and you even plan ahead what clever lines you’ll use. It’s nearing the end of the night. You wait for the next message before night falls and sleep calls. You wait some more, certain you’ll get an alert. It never comes. You were the last one to write….ugh. Your new love has gone to bed and didn’t even tell you!

I don’t really have any great advice here. I just thought I’d share what happened to a friend. We laughed about this because we’ve all done it. Let’s just say that, if you’re a bit too eager to text and you too see yourself in this scenario, hold off a little. Count down from 100, phone a friend, learn a language – do anything to keep from texting immediately. Show cool…unless of course your new love has no cool either. Then, risk arthritis in your thumbs and text to your heart’s content.

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