Professional Advice

I regularly critique excerpts from random LinkedIn and About Me profiles (for anonymity). Pointing out dos and don’ts from real profiles can help with your own personal branding.

Four tips for writing a job posting (that can save you money!)

Not long ago a friend of mine, who’s also a copywriter, sent me a job posting that had infuriated her. It was for a writing position and included a list of appropriate qualifications like strong editing and writing skills for the organization’s website, promotional materials and advertising initiatives. However, It also included a list of excessive qualifications like knowledge of Illustrator, Abode and other design tools. Oh and production – you needed knowledge of production. As a copywriter myself, I… read more

LinkedIn Endorsements and Nuclear Science.

According to my LinkedIn profile, I’m skilled at everything from nuclear science to circumcisions (don’t worry I’m actually not….then again, depending on how you look at it, do worry…). My contacts are geniuses too so I guess I’m in good company. It seems that the endorsement feature is making high-achievers out of all us. It also seems to be making liars out of us too, however inadvertently. Personally, I go through a vicious cycle. After I’ve received a number of… read more

LinkedIn profile or sleep aid?

Today I scanned a number of arbitrary LinkedIn profiles and realized that even back-to-back episodes of “Married to a Jonas” would be more interesting. Boring does not begin to describe what I read. I saw claims of “proven leadership, proven performance, proven results” with no proof to back them up. The same held true of “demonstrated”, a word people seemed to throw around without actually demonstrating anything. People also listed traits like “well-organized” and “responsible”, which are a far too… read more

Is your LinkedIn bio a little personal?

If it isn’t, then it needs to be. Social media has created a culture where familiarity, not formality, inspires trust. More importantly, familiarity creates a bond by resonating with your audience in a very human way. In this age of Siri, we all want a personal touch. We want a real person. That’s why now, more than ever, the “real” you needs to come alive when you’re presenting yourself on screen. After all, in business, there’s nothing more powerful and persuasive… read more

Writing your online dating profile, tips for California singles.

Every week I scan dating profiles from all over the States. I then pick arbitrary excerpts from three, which I critique based on my years as an ad writer and marketing expert – skills that I’ve since transferred to writing online dating profiles. Feel free to check out my bio. The critiques are meant to help you too by providing tips to improve your own online dating profile. This week, my focus has been on the dating profiles of singles… read more