Not-so-Funny Online Dating Profiles. Tip for Dec.19, 2013.

UnknownI have to caution singles dating online about the use of humor. It can so easily fail. You may be funny, but online profiles don’t convey tone very well. Nor do emails.

So, while I encourage a bit of humor and lightheartedness, I nevertheless suggest you to do it with discretion.

I found a dating profile on okCupid and it carried humor from start to finish. Here’s an excerpt of it followed by my critique. By showing you the mistake, it might make it easier for you to recognize it in your dating profile so that you can then revise it and avoid it.

From the dating profile of a 37-year old man.

Here is my summary…I was born and soon after  had a bris (how is this a celebration!). I eventually lost my baby teeth and went to elementary school. Somewhere along the way I got my driver’s license and enjoyed the freedom that comes with having a car – traffic that is. I later graduated from college in a purple robe. Seriously, a purple robe. I looked like a choir boy for the Lakers. Thankfully I made friends with other sartorial splendors and we’ve been friends since. As for more details, we will just have to meet.

My critique.

First, I commend him wholeheartedly for doing something different. I think this is fantastic. From a marketing standpoint he made himself stand out and be memorable by being entirely different from his competition. This is all very commendable.

There are two problems I have with his dating profile though 1) the entire thing is humor. My concern is that it can come across like a one way “stand up” act rather than a profile that encourages  exchange 2) he really doesn’t say anything about himself. This does not give anyone any idea of what kind of partner he’d be other than funny but, perhaps, someone who doesn’t reveal much of himself.

When you go online dating, you need to put “yourself” out there. You don’t need to write a diary by any stretch, but you do need to give a reader a sense of who you are. When I read this man’s profile I think he’s a smart and funny guy, but maybe he’s a bit too hard to get to know?

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