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Online Dating And Choosing Out of Your League.

The notion of a potential mate being “out of one’s league” is crass, insulting and arrogant. It’s also not entirely without foundation. In many cases we do tend to pair up with matches similar to us in looks (not to mention intellect), thus dating “within our league”. After all, hitting on someone much more attractive not only means entering a more competitive arena, it also puts us at greater risk of rejection. In evolutionary terms, where would that leave us?… read more

Online dating and “what does fair have to do with it”.

I’ve seen a number of dating profiles with variations on the words, “Must have pic. It’s only fair.” Fair? Really? Fair is to online dating what big toes are to fried chicken. That is – totally unrelated. Actually, let me make this even clearer: Fair is to online dating what otters are to Barry White. Fair is to online dating what spleens are to overdue library books. Fair is to online dating what pedicures are to kiwi fruit. I could go on.… read more

Online Dating and Brad Pitt’s Ponytail.

The other day a friend said, “Hey, you look like Brad Pitt”. This disturbed me for three good reasons: A) I’m a female B) I don’t have dark blond hair C) Last I checked (and I check regularly!), I didn’t have facial hair. Truthfully, it was C that caused me the greatest concern. Thankfully, my worries were pacified when she added, “He was at some show wearing a ponytail too.” Like many females, I’ve been donning a ponytail off and… read more

Online dating profiles and Ashton Kutcher.

According to recent news reports, and by news I (admittedly) mean TMZ, Ashton Kutcher gave a surprisingly thoughtful and intelligent speech at the Teen Choice Awards. It even impressed Rush Limbaugh who usually just likes to listen to himself speak. It’s easy to misjudge the acumen of someone whose professional highlights can be summed up by “Dude, where’s my car” and “Punked”.  In fact, it’s quite common to …um… …by the way, is anyone else disturbed by the thought of… read more

Online Dating Profiles and Kimye.

The other day I read that Kanye West is a great dad and has been for the entire two months that he’s been a Dad. After all, he flew in for the birth of his child and has been by her side since. “Great”. It seems Kim’s maternal instincts are inspiring too. When Pussycat Dolls founder, Robin Antin, saw her holding the baby, she couldn’t help but gush, ‘Oh, my God. You’re a natural.’ It’s true. Not everyone can hold… read more

Dear Geraldo, 70 is not the new 50.

Online dating success for boomers. To every boomer out there, let me say this: don’t trade your dignity for a cell phone self-portrait of your half-naked upper body. Look carefully through your progressive lenses and note that, while your abs may be tight, your skin isn’t. That’s because you aren’t 20. You aren’t 30. You’re not even 40. For the record, if you’re 70 then you’re also not 50 – and that’s okay. When Geraldo tweeted a half-naked selfie along… read more

Woody Allen, dads and ads.

I write ads. I write online dating profiles and LinkedIn profiles using marketing techniques. I also write this odd little blog about men, women and advertising. Today’s the day when “World’s Greatest Dad” T-shirts actually make a sale or two. On that note, who could be greater dad than Woody Allen. After all, he loves his children so much, he married one. Thankfully, countless other fathers  make positive contributions. This week’s blog begins with one of the loveliest. Dads and… read more

The online dating blog about mothers and other mothers.

Anyone new to this dating blog, here’s the scoop: I’m an ad writer. I also write online dating profiles using  ad techniques so that singles can compete online. I also write this odd little dating blog that combines news about men, women and (of course) advertising. Enjoy! It’s Mother’s Day. Congratulations to all the women – and Thomas Beatie – who are celebrating motherhood at this time.  Also, a special mention to the biggest mother of them all: Rush Limbaugh.… read more

Breaking up with the Kardashians.

As a seasoned marketing expert, I take ad and profile writing seriously. However, I write blogs about men, women and marketing purely for fun. Single or not, feel free to enjoy them! I read the other day that the Kardashians have signed on for another 3 years with the E! Network. This news had a grievous impact on me. However, I decided to turn that into positive inspiration for this blog. Thank you to my Kardashian family of muses. When to… read more

Cry me a Rivera and other dating woes.

As a copywriter and online dating profile writer, I write a dating blog that helps single men and women attract their soulmate. Actually, that’s not true. “Dating, single men, single women and soulmate” are key words that help me with Google rankings, which matters when marketing an online dating profile writing service like mine (see, there I go with key words again). In fact, this blog is for men and women, married or not. After all, everyone can use good… read more