Online Dating Advice

I regularly review excerpts from random dating profiles (for anonymity). Pointing out dos and don’ts from real profiles can help you improve on your own personal branding.

Online Dating Profile Writing and New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve been really negligent in writing this blog and I apologize. Ever since it’s been getting colder, I’ve been getting busier. It seems everyone wants to find someone to cozy up with (smart thinking!). Now, of course, the holidays are fast approaching so I’m also busy in my personal life. As such, I’ll just apologize in advance and let you know that I’ll return in the new year with a resolution to keep critiquing online dating profiles and providing you with… read more

Online dating profile tips for men from a female ad writer.

Men are impressive. They’re masterful at  avoiding life-threatening questions like, “does this make me look fat”.  They know how  to nod convincingly when a situation requires a sincere looking, “you’re right”.  They even know how to play air guitar. They are, however, less adept at writing their online dating profiles. I suspect there are a couple of reasons for this. For one, a lot of  men aren’t comfortable talking about themselves. For another, they don’t always know how to straddle the fine line between… read more

Dating profiles and duckface.

Ben Stiller’s duckface in Zoolander was hilarious because, well, it was meant to be. It was a comedy. Since then many people, my misguided gender in particular, have adopted the look with equally entertaining results: Miley, Kim and Snooki, to name a few. Oh and that astronomically big boobed woman married to Ice T. Duckface is no sexier than a waddle. And yet… Take one look at Plenty of Fish and suddenly you’ll find yourself greeted by a sea of… read more

The guilty online dating profile writer is here.

Usually, you can come here and get a lot of good advice on online dating (and even better advice on writing your online dating profile). However, I’ve been swamped. Besides writing dating profiles, I’m busy trying to develop a confidence-building personal branding course for men. A version for women will follow. Once things settled down a bit, I’ll be right back to blogging. My apologies. In the meantime, please feel free to look through the archives for solid tips on how… read more

What Tyrion can teach us about personal branding and online dating.

Tyrion Lannister stands under four and half feet tall. He also has short arms and a big head. Yet, despite his physical shortcomings, he’s one of the most compelling and beloved characters in Game of Thrones. Rather than apologize for what he lacks, he constantly amplifies his sizable qualities. He’s a man of courage and principle. He’s also strikingly intelligent and sardonic. His incisive remarks are enough to bring adversaries to their knees (or his!). He’s a critical, independent thinker… read more

One dating profile. Five red flags.

Sometimes reading dating profiles is the literary equivalent of watching a “Real Housewives” show. There’s anger, drama and even shocking confessions (like the dating profile of a woman who gleefully admitted that she finally put out a restraining order on her ex). Admittedly they’re delicious to read. Nevertheless, not all online dating profiles are as unmistakably mad as a Teresa Giudice meltdown. Some have more subtle (though no less disquieting) clues. Here are five that I’ve noticed. Feel free to add any… read more

Online dating and fireworks.

It’s the fourth of July weekend when my mind turns to fireworks. Then it turns ever so slightly more and leads me straight to thoughts of online dating, specifically online dating profiles. Do you know how many profiles have variations of “we’ll know when we meet”? I was online for no more than five minutes and found 16. All were followed by the 1) naive 2) lazy 3) imposing assertion that this eliminates any need for emails and, in some cases, complete… read more

Has online dating killed romance?

A lot of people are under the impression that online dating isn’t romantic.  The strategy and deliberation used throughout the process ruin any opportunity for spontaneity and kismet. I disagree. I think online dating has allowed romance to keep blossoming. It used to be romantic for a man to run after a woman and say, “Hey, I can’t take my eyes off you, let’s go out”.  Nowadays, that same poor schlep would get slapped with a restraining order. There’s nothing… read more

One person. Two dating profiles.

In advertising, we test everything. It’s common for one client to have  two separate landing pages to see which one will do a better job of converting. It’s also typical for a client to test their latest marketing campaign to a previous one. It’s even standard to compare one word to another. Whether the details are big or small, it’s good marketing practice to review what’s working and what isn’t, then revise accordingly. I often encourage singles dating online to… read more

Online Dating. Is nice that bad?

I’ve had a few conversations lately about nice guys. One was prompted by an article on the Good Men Project (a site that I really like). Another took place following a client’s recent breakup. Another one occurred the other day when a friend asked, “do you ever feel you give way more than you get?” I’m conflicted about the word “nice”. In the dictionary, it’s defined in a positive way. In the thesaurus it’s associated to admirable words. Yet, in… read more