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Online dating profiles and the appeal of nose pickers.

A former client of mine wrote to me the other day to say that she saw an online dating photo of a guy picking his nose. She wondered if I had an opinion about this and, of course, I do. First, you don’t tend to see this kind of nonsense on paid dating sites. Generally, when single men or women invest their money, they also invest of themselves. Though I think sites like okCupid are fun, and people have found… read more

The two most important words in online dating.

I read a blog the other day by a woman lamenting the fact that a man she’d been writing to on JDate had suddenly stopped writing. She couldn’t understand it. Worse still, she had heard about this happening to others too. “Why, oh why, do guys do that?”, she asked. Meanwhile I had a friend complain that he had sent a woman an email and that she never even bothered to open it. He couldn’t figure out why she’d ignored… read more

Can the worst first date ever be the funniest (the answer is yes!)?

I usually write blog posts that provides tips on how to write your online dating profile. But, today, a client send me such a funny “bad first date” that I had to share it. Apparently this story was heard on Jay Leno. In fact, the story is a hoax. But still, it’s so funny I had to share. It also makes me wonder what your worst date story is. If you have any that you’d like to send in, please… read more

How to go for gold in the competitive sport of online dating. The first of a 3-part series.

This isn’t the most romantic approach to online dating, but the results could lead to a lifetime of bliss (and less closet space…you know it’s true). Follow the next three blog posts for real marketing tips on how to beat your online dating competition. Post an irresistible dating photo (mug shots, though impossible not to look at, don’t count). A lot goes into a great photo, but let’s cover the basics first: Men, put a shirt on (and I don’t… read more

The biggest online dating lie (and how to avoid it).

I once had a client who went on a date with a man she met online. By the date’s end, she realized he wasn’t quite her style. Still, he phoned a few times afterward and sent her some text messages to see when they’d get together again. This annoyed her. “I thought I was clear that I wasn’t interested”, she said. “What do you mean by clear?” I asked. “Our values were obviously different”, she replied. Note that she used the… read more

Wearing red on your dating profile: stop, go or bull?

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, the colour red gained momentum. So did all the myths surrounding it. The most unusual one is that which suggests women who wear red on their dating profiles are more likely to attract men. Let’s not forget that red also attracts bulls. It’s also the color of blood, dominance, power, anger, not to mention stop signs. It’s been said that red is the colour of love and passion. Actually, closer to the truth is… read more

Online dating profiles. Can I lie about my age and still go to heaven?

Well, I’m no God but…yes, I think there’s a way to lie about your age on your online dating profile and then be absolved. It wasn’t that long ago that you’d be considered a complete boor if you asked a woman her age. Nowadays, men and women both are expected to post their private digits up on their dating profiles and for all to see. It can be as embarrassing as dropping your undies on the laundry room floor and… read more

Online dating is not the problem. You are.

I read an online dating advice column today where a widow of three years wrote in to say that online dating wasn’t working for her. She explained that she’d been out on several dates with men with whom she connected with. However, they didn’t connect with her. To my surprise, the advice columnist  suggested that she stop online dating because she might find better luck meeting people in person at classes or activity clubs. Huh? The widow was having success… read more

Online Dating Profile Writing Tips for Wed. Nov.27, 2014.

Today I explored and read the dating profiles of both men and women. I kept finding one common and constant marketing mistake. Though it’s one that I’ve addressed previously, it warrants another mention. Below you’ll find an excerpt from one of the dating profiles that carries the mistake followed by my critique. From the dating profile of a 38-year old woman. I’m often described as fun, sarcastic, loving, optimistic, kind, compassionate, intelligent, easy going, thoughtful, friendly, outgoing, resourceful, resilient… read more

Online Dating And Choosing Out of Your League.

The notion of a potential mate being “out of one’s league” is crass, insulting and arrogant. It’s also not entirely without foundation. In many cases we do tend to pair up with matches similar to us in looks (not to mention intellect), thus dating “within our league”. After all, hitting on someone much more attractive not only means entering a more competitive arena, it also puts us at greater risk of rejection. In evolutionary terms, where would that leave us?… read more