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The two most important words in online dating.

I read a blog the other day by a woman lamenting the fact that a man she’d been writing to on JDate had suddenly stopped writing. She couldn’t understand it. Worse still, she had heard about this happening to others too. “Why, oh why, do guys do that?”, she asked. Meanwhile I had a friend complain that he had sent a woman an email and that she never even bothered to open it. He couldn’t figure out why she’d ignored… read more

Wearing red on your dating profile: stop, go or bull?

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, the colour red gained momentum. So did all the myths surrounding it. The most unusual one is that which suggests women who wear red on their dating profiles are more likely to attract men. Let’s not forget that red also attracts bulls. It’s also the color of blood, dominance, power, anger, not to mention stop signs. It’s been said that red is the colour of love and passion. Actually, closer to the truth is… read more

Yeah, time for Valentine’s Day ads and online dating tips!

I’m both a copywriter and an online dating profile writer. So it should come as no surprise that Valentine’s Day is one of my year’s favorites.  Is it the flowers? Not really. The chocolates? They’re okay but… Is it the love? Well, with the exception of gnats like Howard Stern, who doesn’t love love? Still, what really makes Valentine’s Day attractive are all best and worst ads (always the copywriter). Here are some of my favorites and least favorites. Since, you’re… read more

First dates and serial killers. An online dating tip every man needs to know.

I read a number of online dating profiles for men today on Plenty of Fish. There’s a section that let’s you throw ideas around for a first date. A lot of the dating profiles talked about meeting for coffee. However, a good number suggested activities like heading out on a scenic motorcycle ride or a hike on some nearby mountain. On one hand, I think it’s commendable for a guy to think of something other than the typical coffee interview. On the… read more

Online dating articles that beg the question: is everyone cracked?

A few people sent me an article seen on about a journalist who posted a fake online dating profile on okCupid as a social experiment. Her objective was to see if men would message any woman no matter how awful. Supposedly the dating profile belonged to a 25-year old woman who was beautiful on the outside, but otherwise mean, spoiled, lazy, racist, manipulative and gold digging on the inside. Despite this, her dating profile garnered 150 messages within 24 hours… read more

Online dating profile writing. Thanksgiving edition.

Why I’m grateful to be an online dating profile writer. I regularly scan dating sites reading dating profile after online dating profile. Partly it’s to find ideas for tweets and blogs. It’s also because I miss the drama and mayhem of Game of Thrones. Until its return, this fills the gap nicely. Today being Thanksgiving, I decided to write a blog about all the reasons I’m grateful for my job whether I’m spending the day scanning random dating profiles of singles… read more

Online Dating Profile Writing Tips for Wed. Nov.27, 2014.

Today I explored and read the dating profiles of both men and women. I kept finding one common and constant marketing mistake. Though it’s one that I’ve addressed previously, it warrants another mention. Below you’ll find an excerpt from one of the dating profiles that carries the mistake followed by my critique. From the dating profile of a 38-year old woman. I’m often described as fun, sarcastic, loving, optimistic, kind, compassionate, intelligent, easy going, thoughtful, friendly, outgoing, resourceful, resilient… read more

Men’s Dating Profiles. Writing Tips for Nov. 21, 2013.

Today I’m featuring an excerpt from a dating profile that I found on POF.It’s typical of a lot of men’s dating profiles so I’m hoping that the critique will resonate with you. Excerpt from the dating profile of a 52-year old man. Just checking this out. I like to sing ballads and any other kind of music that inspires me. I also like to go to the gym. I love great food and lots of it…. I live to laugh… read more

Writing your dating profile. Tips for Nov. 20, 2013.

Today I scanned online dating profiles on JDate. I chose to critique an excerpt from one particular dating profile because it’s a pretty typical example of all of them. In other words, it lacks distinction. Excerpt from the dating profile of a 34-year old woman. I’m a down-to-earth girl who loves the simple things like seeing a good movie whether that’s on the big screen or curled up at home. I’m pretty easy. I’m not the kind of woman who… read more

Online dating profiles. A How-To for Nov. 19, 2013.

Today I scanned a number of dating profiles on I found one that floored me in its inappropriateness. Usually I post excerpts from online dating profiles that have common enough mistakes so that anyone can relate. Today’s excerpt, however, is atypical. So why post it? Because it addresses an inappropriateness that has less to do with the words and more to do with the site on which they’ve been posted.In other words, in some environments this dating profile would… read more